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Introducing our new Softhide™ material that feels good on clothes and skin, while being proven safe for all heating temperatures and tested to be unaffected by exorbitant amounts of heat.

Designed for Everyone

The Flow Belt™ is highly adjustable for all waist sizes and is programmed with many heat and vibration modes to fill a wide range of comfort for anyone.

Battery Life

Don't carry chargers with you? Flow Belt™ comes with many features such as a extended battery life that can now last up to 8 hours on a single charge. Paired with our newly introduced fast charging optimizations, Flow Belt can now reach 100% within 17 mintues!

Valentine's Day

Now until Feb 14th, our gift box is FREE! We have now made the box Valentine's Day themed and included a special sticker and a custom, affectionate love letter inside!

  • Take it anywhere

    With the new design of the flow belt, you can use it anywhere and even bud it under your clothes if out in public. The flow belt is also great to sleep with.

  • Lab tested natural heating

    With our research, we designed up to 16 different heating and massaging modes made for all kinds of people with many diffrent bodies. The flow belt is really for anyone.

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